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The Best 5 Child Care Options in Bristol


Choosing the correct child care option is important for parents in Bristol. There are many things to take into consideration, such as the location, cost, affordability, educational content, operating hours, and the child’s age.

Based on a person’s specific needs, there are many different possibilities for child care, but some of the more well-liked ones are daycare facilities, in-home care, nanny services, preschool programmes, and after-school programmes.

daycare centres offer children regular programming and socializing opportunities While in-home care may give more individual care. When choosing the kind of child care that will work best for your family, it’s important to take all the factors in mind. So here we describe some best child care option which are in Bristol.

Top 5 Best Child Care Options in Bristol

1) The Island Child Care Center

The Island Child Care Center offers a childcare facility. They promote the kids’ overall development by engaging them in play-based and kid-focused activities. They also try to foster the kids’ physical abilities, emotional development, and interpersonal skills. The Island Child they accepts babies to pre-K students.

Address : 399 hope St, Bristol, RI 02809, United States

Website : https://www.islandchildri.com/

Contact : +1 4013965600

Customer reviews : this is the best ! Their teachers and all team members are friendly and calming. And they always take care of my children. There are so many tasks and activities for the kids. I can stress free to leaving my child in their care.

2) One the Nursery Fishponds

The nursery offers a complete selection of fascinating educational activities like maths, and creative arts and science.

Their skilled staff members has received training in child welfare, medical first treatment, and protection. The nursery includes CCTV and protected door access systems .The facility serves delicious, nutritious meals and snacks that give kids a good, healthy diet.

Address : 1 Hawkesbury Rd, Bristol Bs16 2AP , United Kingdom

Website : https://www.justchildcare.co.uk/onethenursery-fishponds/

Contact : +44 1179657269

Customer review : my kids always comes home happy because here ,them provide some nutritious and healthy food also they play outdoor and indoor activities.

3) Snapdragon Nursery Horfield

Snapdragon nursery Horfield accept 3 months to 5 year kids. This nursery’s staff members are highly professional and aware of how to train children. They provide some nutritious and healthy food. Also encourage children skills by playing some outdoor and indoor activities.

Address : the old chapel, 635A Gloucester Rd, Horfield, Bristol BS7 0BJ , United Kingdom

Website : https://www.snapdragonsnursery.com/

Contact : +44 1179513298

Customer review : first I send my kids to other nursery, but now I send my kid to this nursery. And it was the my best decision . They always take care of my kids also make them happy and safe.

4) Amberley Hall Nursery

It has been created to offer kids from 0 to 5 years old the best possible care. The employees are picked based on their expertise, qualifications, and passion to working with kids.

The staff supports the curiosity-based learning philosophy. They encourage their curiosity and let them do some risky yet rewarding actions.

Address : 21 Richmond DI, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2UB , United Kingdom

Website : https://www.amberleyhalldaynursery.co.uk/

Contact : +44 1179741550

Customer review: I have a great experience with this nursery. Their staff are so friendly and calming. Also they teaches best thing to my kids . Also my kids improves their communication skills after joining this.

5) Lydstep Nursery

It offers child care for kids between the ages of 6 months to five years old.

They ensure that every child receives the greatest care and assistance . The Lydstep Nursery provides the chance to participate in a range of motivating activities suitable for kids’ ages and developmental stages.

Address : 7 Lydstep Terrace, southville , Bristol BS3 1DR, United Kingdom

Website : https://www.nurseryvillage.co.uk/lydstepnursery

Contact : +44 1774623653

Customer review : this is amazing! And their facilities are oh my god ! Their educators and staff members are experienced also knowledgeable. They take care about my kids and their needs. It was the best decision to joining my kids in this center .


While choosing the best child care centre in Bristol, parents must carefully take into account a variety of factors, including the child’s age, location, cost, operating hours, and educational offers.

It’s important to carefully analyse each alternative when given a range of choices before making a decision. They also provide the child with a safe and nurturing atmosphere. The final child care option chosen should satisfy the parents’ requirements and expectations.

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