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Discover the Top 5 Auto Body Shops in Cambridge


A reliable auto body shop that can manage repairs, maintenance, and modification services is important for car owners. It can be difficult to decide which car body shops in Cambridge are worthy investing your time and money in because there are so many of services.

Because of this, we’ve done the research and created a list of Cambridge’s top 5 auto body shops for you. These places provide excellent services and customer care whether you require small dent repair or a complete vehicle restoration.

So, if you’re searching for a reliable auto body shop in Cambridge, continue reading to learn about your options.

Top 5 Best Auto Body Shops in Cambridge

1) Elgin North Auto Body Ltd

Their entire staff is trained and qualified in auto body repair. Their team of mechanics is skilled in qualified auto body work, metal repair, paint repainting, and other services. They make your car appear brand new.

They also give in one year warranty. Their professionals are bilingual in English and Portuguese. Insurance claims are accepted at the shop. They aren’t done until you are 100 percent happy with the results.

Address : 232 Elgin St N, Cambridge, ON N1R 5J1, Canada

Contact : +1 596230393

Website : https://www.elginnorthauto.ca/

Customer review : I recently had to done work on my car and I am so satisfied with it. Mechanic are so calming and friendly behaviour. And also they quickly repair my car at affordable prices.

2) Fix auto Cambridge

They offers a wide range of repairs , From tiny dents to significant accident damage. Its technicians have certificates and routinely build skills to be aware of the most cutting-edge technological issues. Their staff makes use of the most up-to-date tools to guarantee that new vehicles are fixed and serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.

Address : 1448 Bishop St N, Cambridge, ON N1R 7N8, Canada

Contact : +1 5197404800

Website : https://fixauto.com/cambridge/fr/

Customer review : I had a great experience with this shop. They give everything in details and also provide some maintenance and service tips. So energetic and knowledgeable staff.

3) CSN Golden Triangle Cambridge

They properly repairs your vehicle to like-new condition using cutting-edge tools and the expertise of their skilled specialists. Their team is capable of handling a wide range of tasks, including scratch and auto body repairs. Also, they tell you of the complete repair procedure and detail the repair methods that would be most effective for your vehicle.

Address : 435 Sheldon Dr, Cambridge, ON N1T 2B7, Canada

Contact : +1 5196221055

Website : https://csncollision.com/locations/gtcambridge-collision-repair-centre-in-cambridge/

Customer review : one month ago my car have some issues. And I went to this shop. When my car was repaired I guess price will be more high. And you can’t imagination their price are so affordable . And their work are too much amazing.

4) FMG Repair Services Cambridge

Not only do they fix cars, but they also take care of the people by picking up damaged cars, providing decency cars, and returning the serviced cars. Their staff is knowledgeable and work at their more than 10 years.

Address : 12 Nuffield Rd, Cambridge CB4 1TF, United Kingdom

Contact : +44 1223423242

Website : https://g.co/kgs/PN3WL5

Customer review : my car was damaged and I late for my meeting. So I went to this shop and their services are so quickly and efficiently. And I finally reach on time.

5) GW Autos

Their mechanics come with their garage equipments on your home. Also they are qualified and experienced. They all are capable of handling all car damage issues. And also they use some quality tools for handle damage issue.

Address : Milton Rd , Cambridge CB4 1JY, United Kingdom

Contact : +44 7814922302

Website : https://g.co/kgs/HBZiND

Customer review : I go to the several auto body shops but this one is far best. Their quality and service are top notch. They also calming give to answer of my every question. Also provide some knowledge and guidance on how to maintain it.


Finding a trustworthy auto body shop in Cambridge can be challenging due to the number of options available.

But after doing some research, we’ve put together a list of Cambridge’s top 5 auto body shops. These shops offer a range of services and exceptional customer care, from small dent repair to complete vehicle restoration.

Each store has its own Featured like selling points, such as knowledgeable staff, cutting-edge equipment, bilingual services, and reasonable prices.

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