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5 Best Physiotherapy in Birmingham


In order to heal from injuries, manage pain, and enhance physical function and mobility, people can benefit from physiotherapy. Several physiotherapy clinics in Birmingham provide a variety of services to aid patients in achieving their health and wellbeing objectives. In this post, we’ll introduce you to five of Birmingham’s top physiotherapy practises while showcasing their qualifications, offerings, and testimonials.

5 Best Physiotherapy in Birmingham

1) Birmingham Physiotherapy

Address: George Rd, Birmingham, B15 1PJ

Contact: 01214563444

Website: http://www.birminghamphysios.com/

Customer review: For a number of years, I have visited Comprehensive Physiotherapy for treatment of a variety of ailments, and I can genuinely state that the staff there is the greatest. They are informed, kind, and always eager to go above and above to assist.

2) Physiotherapy Works

This facility provides comprehensive physical therapy, putting the needs of the complete person first. In addition to manual treatment, exercise therapy, electrotherapy, and rehabilitation, they provide a wide range of services. Also, they have a group of highly experienced therapists that collaborate to give each patient the finest care possible. They support patients’ active participation in their rehabilitation and give them individualised information and guidance to assist them manage their diseases.

Address: 39-41 Harborne Road, Birmingham, B15 3HB

Contact: 01216873079

Website: https://www.physiotherapy-works.co.uk/

Customer review: The staff created a treatment plan just for me, and it has made a significant impact. The therapist is highly competent, considerate, and professional. The clinic provides a warm atmosphere and is clean and well-equipped.

3) The Physiotherapy Clinic

A well regarded facility, The Physiotherapy Clinic, offers physiotherapy treatments to both private and National Health Service customers (NHS). Back pain, sports injuries, and stroke rehabilitation are just a few of the musculoskeletal and neurological disorders that the clinic’s staff of skilled physiotherapists addresses. Moreover, the clinic provides hydrotherapy, Pilates, and acupuncture. The clinics experienced and welcoming personnel, successful treatments, and first-rate facilities have won accolades from clients.

Address: The Priory Hospital, Priory Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B5 7UG

Contact: 01214543900

Website: https://www.thephysiotherapyclinic.co.uk/

Customer review: For a sports injury, I went to Comprehensive Physiotherapy, and I was really pleased with the level of treatment I got there.

4) Harborne Physiotherapy

Address: 20 Station Road, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9JT

Contact: 01212709480

Website: Harborne Physiotherapy

Customer review: My time at Comprehensive Physiotherapy was excellent. The therapy was successful, and the therapist was kind and knowledgeable. The personnel is kind and helpful, and the clinic is spotless and up to date.

5) Complete Physiotherapy

A facility called Complete Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy treatments for chronic pain, post-operative rehabilitation, and musculoskeletal and sports injuries. Experienced physiotherapists from the clinic work with patients to recover from injuries and enhance their mobility and function using a variety of approaches, including manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy.

Moreover, the clinic provides acupuncture, sports massage, and Pilates lessons. The clinic’s skilled and warm personnel, efficient treatments, and pleasant environment have all received high marks from clients.

Address: 2nd Floor, 2-4 Constitution Hill, Birmingham, B19 3LY

Contact: 01213069127

Website: https://www.completephysiotherapy.co.uk/

Customer review: Over the years, I’ve visited Comprehensive Physiotherapy for a variety of problems and have always been satisfied with the high calibre of care. The therapies are individualised for you, and the therapists are skilled and competent. This clinic has my highest recommendation.


There are numerous excellent clinics to pick from if you’re in Birmingham and need top-notch physiotherapy treatments. These clinics provide a variety of evidence-based therapies and individualised care to help you reach your objectives, whether you’re recuperating from a sports injury, managing chronic pain, or trying to enhance your physical function and mobility. You can be sure that you will get the assistance and treatment you need to attain maximum health and wellbeing by choosing a clinic that fits your requirements and preferences.

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